27.11.2015 NEWS. (2014 NEWS)

SU. KV-2 five new pictures. KV-1S one new picture (pic). KV-1E one new picture (pic). T-34 m.1942/1943 one new picture (pic). T-34 m.1941/42 one new picture (pic). T-60 one new picture (pic). BA-10 new page. GAZ-415 one new picture (pic). ZIS-6 one new picture (pic). STZ-65 one new picture (pic). GAZ-AA one new picture (pic). "Komsomolez" one new picture (pic).

SdKfz254 with T-26 and T-38 turret new pictures (pic 1, pic 2, pic 3, pic 4).

ROA T-34 new page. BA-10 two new pictures (pic 1, pic 2)

Italy. Semovente da 75/34 one new picture (pic). Semovente da 105/25 one new picture (pic). New color pictures Semovente da 105/25

US. M3 Halftrack one picture changed (pic). New color pictures M3 Stuart.

UK. Valentine one picture changed (pic). Crusader one picture changed (pic). A12 Matilda one new picture (pic). AEC Matador one picture changed (pic). Marmon-Herrington AC one new picture (pic). Humber AC new page. New color pictures A15 Crusader.

Poland. C7P tractor new page. Removed two WZ 34 pictures.

Captured machinery played significant role in the German armed forces in World War II, but this theme remains weakly illuminated. Sufficiently many photographs of captured technology reached our time, and this site is the attempt to generalize the obtained information and photographs imprinted the exploitation of trophies by German units. Word BEUTEPANZER, which became the basis of the name site is translated as captured tank (Beute - trophy, Panzer - tank).

With the work on the site were used the materials of different publications, electronic archives of photographs and the diverse moderately-priced information of network the Internet (sites, forums, electronical shops e.t.c.). In proportion to the search for information and work on the site it will be supplemented with references to the information sources, and photographs substituted by the more qualitative. This site is an attempt of noncommercial study of a question of volumes and spectrum of that used by the German parts of captured technology.

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