Yougoslavian T-32 SPG (Skoda S-I-d)

In mid 30’s, eight Skoda S-I-d were purchased and during 1937 those were formed into “Fast Combat Vehicles Squadron” composed of two platoons with four vehicles each.

Armored vehicle Squadron armed with Skoda T32 and a platoon of armored cars was based in Zemun until 10 April. Due to German advance the commander of Beograd ordered the Squadron to move towards Nis.

The Squadron was surprised by the germans on road Topola-Kragujevac. Crews abandoned their vehicles in panic and most of the unit’s vehicles were captured intact.

(source Dinko Predoevic: Armoured units and vehicles in Croatia during WWII Part II)


Germans gave to this tank an official designation of PzKpfW 32 (j)


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April 1941, Topola, Serbia. Captured T-32, repainted and reused by 11 Panzer-Division.

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April 1941, Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia.

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April 1941, Ruma, Serbia. Note the girlname “Ella” on the gun.