Medium tank Sherman Firefly

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Normandy 1944

1944, mid July, between Giberville and Cuverville, south-east of Caen. Firefly from 148th RAC / 33rd Armored Brigade captured by sPzAbt 503

 (source Ysec editions 45 tiger en Normandie)

 (Pictures above from book Regenberger, Dr. Werner: Scheiben. Horst. Beutepanzer unterm Balkenkreuz.)


Holland 1945

1945, 11 May, Amersfoort. Tanks had been abandoned by germans due to the lack of gasoline.

The “Ist-Kriegsgliederung” of May 8, 1945, shows that 3.Panzer-Kompanie of PzJagAbt 346 had the following composition: 5 PzKpfw III and 3 Sherman tanks. 1 x 7.62cm Sherman and 2 x 7.5cm Sherman.


(Source Panzerwrecks blog and Pictures from "PANZERWRECKS 5. German armour 1944-45")