M4 medium (Eastern Front)

Panzerkampfwagen M4-748 (a)


Baltic 1944

End of 1944. Sherman from 14 Pz.Div. arrived in October in Kurland .(Color scheme)

(Pictures from M.Kolomiez, I Moshjanski. "The german camouflage and insignia 1941-1945")

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Czech lands 1945

(From Peter Zaika private collection)

Kurland 1945

1945, May, Kurland. On the left side of the picture seen germans M4 "Sherman" tank probably from Heeres-Panzer-Abteilung 16 in the Kurland pocket. On the picture also seems captured T-34 tank and SU-85 SPG tanks.

(Another pictures vehicles from this unit and more information)

(Picture from "PANZERWRECKS 7 ")

Germany 1945

1945, May, Oder. 10.SS-panzer Division reported that they had one operational sherman on 15 april 1945 to  5. / SS-Panzer-Regiment 10.

Sherman from Herrlisheim? '' 513 '' : 5. Panzer-Kompanie ?

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