New Zealander M4 (75mm) "Sherman" nz1

Panzerkampfwagen M4-748 (a)



The 4th Armored Brigade in Italy

October 1943, operations among Sangro River front on the Adriatic Coast.

January to May 1944, Cassino, Liri Valley, Sora, Avezzano.

July to August 1944, Tuscany, Florence.

August to end 1944, Adriatic coast, Rimini,Romagna, Faenza.

April 1945, Po and Adige rivers, Trieste.


(Source: Armor Color Gallery n03 Camouflage & Markings of the Shermans in New Zealand Service 1943-45)

(Picture from the New Zealand National Archives )

1944, Summer, Florence area. 18th Armored regiment examining a Sherman III captured on 4th Armored Brigade by germans.

nz2on the front meaned an ex-19th Armored Regiment Sherman III.

(Source unknown)