T-48 57 mm GMC (SU-57)



T-48 57 mm GMC was built for a total of 962, 680 were shipped to England, only 30 were kept by Britain, rest were delivered to the Soviet Union where they were designated SU-57.

Tunisia 1943

(Source Cegesoma)

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Germany 1945

(Picture from "Panzerwrecks 5" http://www.panzerwrecks.com/pw5info.html#)

1945, A GI from 461st A.A.A. Battalion, 69th Infantry Division snapped a T48 57mm Gun Motor Carriage. It belonged to 14 Kompanie, Grenadier Regiment 105 of 72.lnfanterie-Division, whose cross emblem is above the stencilling. It has received a full German camouflage scheme and a fresh Balkenkreuz.