T-30 76 mm GMC


T-30 76 mm GMC was produced for a total of 500 ex.


Tunisia 1943

(Source Bundesarchiv)

1943, February, Sidi Nsir. T-30 75mm HMC behind the station. In an effort to extend the Tunis bridgehead, the Germans launched Operation Ochsenkopf in February 1943. Kampfgruppe Lang, containing sPzAbt. 501 and elements of 10th Panzer Division, struck at British forces at Sidi Nsir. After a hard battle, the German forces overran the British infantry and artillery and captured Sidi Nsir. The British resistance gained time to establish defenses at Huntís Gap which halted Kampfgruppe Langís advance toward Beja.

(source http://www.lonesentry.com/blog/battle-of-sidi-nsir.html)