M4 "Sherman"

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1944, Italy. 508 Schwere Heeres Panzer Abteilung

Captured M4A1 chassis recovery vehicle of 508 Schwere Heeres Panzer Abteilung, 1944

(Source unknown)

1944, end of year, Kurland. 14 Panzer.Division.

End of 1944. Sherman from 14 Pz.Div. arrived in October in Kurland.

(Picture from M.Kolomiez, I Moshjanski. "The german camouflage and insignia 1941-1945". Armada-vertical No6. Exprint.)


1945, January, Luxemburg. 15 Fallschirmjager Division

Germans captured M4 tank from Fallschirmjager Regiment, 15 Fallschirmjager Division, Esch-sur -Sure.

(Picture from S.Zaloga. The Battle Of The Bulge Concord Publications 7045)


1945, May, Eastern Germany. Probably 10.SS-Panzer-Division "Frundsberg".

M4A3 (W) Medium Tank. Unit unknown but possibly 5.Kompanie, II Abteilung/SS-Panzer-Regiment 10, 10.SS-Panzer-Division "Frundsberg". Eastern Germany, May 1945.

The possible identification of this tank is based on documents stating that the regiment's 5th company had at least one captured Sherman tank on hand at the time that the photograph was taken. Note the large, irregularly shaped balkenkreuz national insignia, common on captured vehicles. Intriguingly, what appears to be the tank's original US Army serial number has been retained and is visible on the hull side towards the rear.

(Picture from Dennis Oliver "To the last bullet. Germans's war on 3 fronts. Part 1 - East."In color collection. Firefly Collection)

(From Bison Decals)