M3 Halftrack

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(Picture from "Panzers of Kasserine. The Afrika Korps in Tunisia." Campaign series. By Claude Gillono.)

Germans captured M3 halftrack. Tunisia, march 1943.

(Picture from "M3 infantry half-track" Osprey)

Germans captured M3 halftrack. Tunisia, 1942-1943.

(Picture from "Afrika Korps" Wydawnictwo Militaria)

(From Trucks & Tanks No41 magazine)

T48 57mm armed Half-track. 14 Kompanie/Grenadier-Regiment 105, 72.lnfanterie-Division . Czechoslovakia, April 1945.

These US vehicles were sent under the Lend-lease agreement to Russia where they were designated SU-57. This captured halftrack has been completely repainted in a base coat of Dunkelgelb with wide bands of Olivegrun and Rotbraun. The division's unit insignia of a yellow cross can be seen on the hull side just behind the door, above an abbreviated notation identifying the regiment and company

(Picture from Dennis Oliver "To the last bullet. Germans's war on 3 fronts. Part 1 - East." In color collection. Firefly Collection)

(Picture from Militaria XX Wieku Nr 4(20)/2011)

(Source unknown)

(From Militaria XX Wieku Nr 4(20)/2011)

(From Steelmasters Thematique No15)

(From Militaria Nr 4 (79)/2017)