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British Daimler Dingo scout car (Leichter Panzerspahwagen Mk I bis III 202 (e)) from unknown unit captured by German's. 1941, June, Lithuania. Armored car had additional armor protection on the hull frontal plate. There is a german cross located on the hull side.

(Source unknown)


Captured by Germans British armored personnel carrier "Universal" (Gepanzerter MG-Trager (e) Kenn-Nummer CL 730 (e)) from Deutsches Afrika-Korps (DAK) moves on desert. Possibly Tobruk area, June 1942.

(From documentary film "Combat Newsreels")


Captured by Germans British Infantry Tank Mark II (A12) "Matilda II" (Infanterie-Kampfpanzer Mark II 748(e)) from Deutsches Afrika-Korps (DAK) in the desert. Lybia, 1941, 27 May. This Panzerkampfwagen MK II Nicknamed "Dreadnought" and registration number T-6970 from the 4-th RTR was captured in Halfaya pass, and returned to service by 8 Panzer-Regiment of the 15.Panzer-Division.

(From documentary film "Die Geschichte der Deutschen Wehrmacht" Episode Two: "Der Schritt uber die Grenzen")


Captured by Germans British AEC Dorchester Armoured Command Vehicle (Panzerspahwagen "Mammuth"), nicknamed "Max", served as a mobile command post for Gen. Rommel's staff (You can see general Rommel in this video). Three of these AEC ACVs were captured from British 2nd Armored Division in April 1941 at Mekili

(From documentary film "Vorwarts und durch! Die Geschichte des 8 Panzerregiments")


Captured by Italians British armoured car "Marmon-Herrington" moves on the cleared of mines road to North Africa. Possibly El-Alamein area.

(From documentary film "Combat Newsreels")