Infantry Tank Mark II (A12) "Matilda II"

Color pictures

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Matilda II probably from 13 Pz.Div. Outskirts of Budapest, February 1945.

(From "Militaria")

Hypotetical view of "Matilda" II with Pz III/IV commander cupola (no photo)

(Self made, based on the drawings from Military machines No100 "Matilda")

"Matilda" Mk II prime mover from the 40th Panzer Pioner Abteilung, 24th Panzer Divizion, Eastern Front, Summer 1942.

(From "Militaria" No201 "Stalingrad" Vol.I)

Infantry tank "Matilda" Mk II used by high Seas Training Command. Terneuzen, 1941. (Probably color scheme)

(From "Osprey")