Infantry Tank Mark II (A12) "Matilda II"

Infanterie-Kampfpanzer Mark II 748(e)

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Afrikakorps 1941


Lybia 1941

18 May Afrikakorps reported four Mark  II captured.

27 May Afrikakorps reported seven new Mark  II captured, only three operational.

18 June  5.Leicht.Div reported five Mark II and 15 Pz.Div with Pz.Rgt.8 have a Beutepanzer-Zug with seven Mathilda II.




1941,27 May. This Infanterie Panzerkampfwagen MK II Nicknamed “Dreadnought” from the 4th RTR was captured in Halfaya pass, and returned to service by 8 Panzer-Regiment of the 15.Panzer-Division.


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(Picture from book Regenberger, Dr. Werner: Scheiben. Horst. "Beutepanzer unterm Balkenkreuz")

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(Picture from John Healey "Panzer in Nord Afrika" Concord. Armor at war series 7043.)


1941, 3 December . Australians soldiers recapture a Matilda tank, previously captured by the Germans, and take prisoner its German crew. It had been knocked out by an anti-tank gun after an attempt to break through the Allied lines.

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(From Batailles Blindes No80)

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(From "The Australian War Memorial")