Medium tank T-34 m.1942-1943

Panzer Jager Schule Janowitz

Probably on the page photos of tanks training center tank destroyers in Janovice (SS Panzer Jager Schule Janowitz bei Beneschau). In May 1945, the Soviet army invaded in Janovice, except German armor, 3 serviceable T-34 tank and the tank Valentine (Т41046), Matilda (Т29854) and self-propelled gun SU-76. Curiously, the tank Valentine was rearmed gun KwK 38 (t) L / 47,8 from PzKpfw 38(t) tank.

[HPM 6/2006, CAMO f.3436, Vasily Diounov "Hitlers Soviet tanks" Exmo 2014]

(From Modell Magazin Foto Archiv No8)

(From Modell Magazin Foto Archiv No8)

Dummy KV-1 tank and germans T-34 tank from unknow training unit. Czechoslovakia, May 1945

(From CGAKFD archive Sankt-Petersburg Ap 132706)

Three germans T-34 tanks from unknow SS unit.

(From Der Freighwiller Munin Verlag)

(Source unknown)