Medium tank T-34 m.1942-1943

2 SS Panzer Division "Das Reich"

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Tanks T-34 from 10 company 3 SS Pz.Abt. 2 SS Panzer Division "Das Reich", 28.07.1943, fights on the Kursk sailent. The nearest machine has number 1019, the second machine on the right is probably equipped stowage box from german panzer. First from the left T-34 has small rectangular stowage from the rear of turret. First from the right t-34 with turret UZTM made. All tanks equipped with rhomb-shaped boxes on the board of the hull.

(Picture from Waralbum site also this picture published in "Barwy i znaki Panzerwaffe" Artur Majewski)

Germans 2 SS PzGren Div "Das Reich" tank collumn durring "Zitadelle" operation, on the background seem two T-34 tanks. July 1943. Later this picture will be changed.

(From Sergey Ryijov collection)

SS Hauptscharfuehrer Emil Seibold and crew his tank, 3 SS Pz.Abt 2 SS Pz. Rgt, 2 SS Pz.Div. "Das Reich" , the Kursk sailent, summer of 1943. From July to August 1943 the fight on trophy T-34 and on the German data has gained during this period of 23 victories.

(On boards of a turret painted large crosses, most likely the same cross paint on the rear of the case. May be the number of this tank 1036 put by a white paint with a red contour. The tank has stamped turret manufactured on the UZTM. The machine is equipped with rhomb-shaped boxes on boards of the case and fastenings for spare tracks. On left fenders placed headlight Notek. On a background one more is seen trophy T-34.)

(From W.Regenberger, H.Scheiben "Captured tanks under german flag. Russian battle tanks" Shiffer Military and B. Carruthers "Images of war. The Waffen SS in combat")

(Regenberger, Dr. Werner: Scheiben. Horst: Captured tanks under german flag. Russian battle tanks.Shiffer Military.)

T-34 m 42/43 probably from 2 SS Pz.Div. "Das Reich". On the background seen Emil Seibold T-34. Note a UZTM turret type, germans cross characteristic species, small box ahead of rhomb shape box on the hull side. Unfortunatelly turret number invisibly.

(From "Panzerkampf im Bild. Panzerkomandanten berichten" W.Fey)

-34, 10 company 3 Pz.Jg.Abt. 2 Pz.Gr.Div. SS Das Reich, operation "Zitadelle", 1943. Tank has red number wit white outline 1042, on the turret side big white and black cross.

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