Medium tank T-34 m.1942-1943

2 SS Panzer Division "Das Reich"

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Battle for Kharkov

SS units had a big losses in the battle for Kharkov. So 2 Pz. Gr. Div. SS “Das Reich” in the course of the defensive actions into Kharkov on February 13 had only 21 safe tank, of which only one - Pz.IV, furthermore in the division there were by 18 SPG “Sturmgeschutz”. A deficiency in its tanks marked the beginning of use “Das Reich” of Soviet tanks. On the approaches to Kharkov it was seized by 1 KV and 5 T -34, which were transmitted to German crews and were used in combat by a tank battalion of division. Furthermore into 3 Pz. Gr. Div. SS “Totenkopf” had a 8, and 1 Pz. Gr. Div. SS “Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler” had 5 tanks T -34.

(From "Last Victory in the Russia" George M.Nipe, Jr.)