Medium tank T-34 m.1941-1942

5 Pz.Div.

Early T-34 STZ made from 5 Pz.Div. Zherebzovo area (probably Zherebzovo village, Kursk area, 17 km from Kursk, on the bank of Kuriza river), September, 1942. Note all STZ production feature, such as: steel wheels with inner shock-absorption, axe-shape gun mantlet and cut off cheek-bone on the turret. Also very interesting and stowage box on the turret and germans standart camouflage with crosses on the turret and hull sides. Very useful picture for work with "Zvezda" T-34 (3535)

(Picture from Frontline Illustration No12/2008 "Red Army tanks in wehrmacht")

T-34 m 41/42 from 5 Panzer Division. Winter 1941/1942.

(Picture from Yuri Pasholok collection)