Light tank T-26C

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(From Akira Takiguchi site)

(From e-shop)

Captured T-26 , Leningrad area. September 1941. White number 3 on the left track cover

(From Sergey Ryijov collection)

Three T-26 from 10 Polizei Pz.Co, 1944.

(Picture from Panzerfahrzeuge und Panzereinheiten der Ordnungspolizei 1936 - 1945. Werner Regenberg. Podzun-Pallas)

(From e-shop)

(From e-shop)

(Picture from Robert Michulec "Panzerdivision 1935-1945. (2) The Eastern front 1941-1945" Concord. Armor at war series. 7034.)

(Picture from Frontline Illustration No12/2008 "Red Army tanks in wehrmacht")