Light tank T-26A

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Tanks T-26 m.1931 , T-34 m.1943 and PzKpfw V Ausf A in a court yard of a factory "Bolshevik", Minsk, 3 the Belarusian front, July, 1944.

Note a balkenkreuz on the left T-26A turret also cross painted on the left frontal plate of superstructure side.

(Picture from M.Kolomiez, I Moshjanski. "The german camouflage and insignia 1941-1945". Armada-vertical No6. Exprint.)

(From e-shop)

(From e-shop)

BA-10M medium armored car and T-26A light tanks on the background belonged 12 Polizei Panzer Kompanie.

( Picture from Panzerfahrzeuge und Panzereinheiten der Ordnungspolizei 1936 - 1945. Werner Regenberg. Podzun-Pallas)