Iosef Stalin IS-2

Captured in Hungyary IS-2 by the Panzerjager-Abteilung 69. at the village "Many" at january 1945.

Probably more information about this tank can be find in the book Georg Bose "Ob's
Sturm oder schneit..."! Mit meinem Sturmgeschutz in Einnsatz. Erinnerungen teil
2. Selbstverlag Bose, Einhausen 2005.

(From "Kard a pajzs mogott - a KONRAD hadmuvelet tortenete, 1945" Normbert Szamveber)

Germans captured IS-2

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Germans captured IS-2. On the hull side noticeable a not large light spot.

(From e-shop)

IS-2 (early production) as “Deutsche Beute”. Probably later this tank come in Kummersdorf collection. At the side stands: 1,100 m Tiger.

(Collection Doherr)