Unconfirmed and Hypothetical conversions

Rearmed T-34

On this page the photographs of models and the pictures of the conversions of captured machines, which are not confirmed by photographs, are placed. Possibly the authors of models used the sources, which to the author of site were inaccessible. With obtaining of the photographs, which confirm existence of the machines, lined on this page, the photographs and pictures will be moved to the appropriate pages.

In july /august 1944 on the shipyard into Libau on this T -34/85 was established by 8,8 cm gun from the damaged tank Tiger I. To the tank there was also established following German equipment: stowage box from tank Tiger, headlight Notek and large boxes along the sides of corps. From end 1944 this tank was used in Kurland in 12 tank division. The color of tank did not change - left dark green (most probably that tank has new German color -VD). For the best identification on the turret they drew large cross. Number of tank supposedly 18. To the tank were also substituted the identification marks of 12 tank division and "kurlands sign". By crew were drawn 8 white tanks on the barrel and inscriptions "Hi kommet". (But existence of this conversion highly improbably)

"Wolfgang Kloth: No. There was an interesting unit in Kurland, Panzerbrigade Kurland. And they only had captured tanks. They had a Sherman and a General Lee and two T-43s. They took the Russian 87mm guns out and took it to the ship wharf and reamed it out to 88. They shot 88 ammunition out of it. They were very inventive! Because up in Kurland, your back was against water, you know."

(Picture and information from http://www.mc-modellbau.de)

Captured T-34 with KwK 37 (L/24) gun.

(Source unknown)