Unconfirmed and Hypothetical conversions

Flakpanzer T-34

(Picture and information from http://www.mc-modellbau.de)

Hypothetical views of T-34 with Flak 38 used by the Kampfgruppe "Kienast" during the last fights in April 1945 in east Saxonia

(Picture from Waffen Arsenal SB35 "Gepanzerte Rariteten auf radern und ketten bis 1945" Wolfgang Fleischer)

Hypothetical view of T-34 with Flak 38 used by the Kampfgruppe "Kienast" during the last fights in April 1945 in east Saxonia.

(Picture be created on the base of picture captured T-34/85 )

In the German-language book "The end between Oder and Elbe - The battle for Berlin" by Wilhelm Tieke, on page 117, it says that in SS-Jagd-Panzer-Abteilung 561, there existed a (captured near Guben) T34, adapted to a Bergepanzer , and was further modified by removing the turret, and installing a 2cm Drilling mount.

This work was done by Oberscharführer Ernst Alber, the Werkmeister (chief mechanic) of the Abteilung.

This "Drilling-T34" helped units of the 286.InfanterieDivision and SS-Regiment "Falke", around April 1945, at approx. 20 miles southwest of Frankfort/Oder
SS-Jagd-Panzer-Abteiling 561 was the armored reserve of the 5th SS-MountainCorps, and had 3 companies of Jagdpanzer 38(t) and Sturmgeschutze, a Maintainancecomp, an infantrysquad and a recon-squad. The Abteiling was commanded by Hauptsturmführer Lobmeyer.


(Hypotetical view of flakdrilling T-34 - photomontage)

There existed in the SS-JAGD-PANZER-ABTEILUNG 561, T-34 captured near Gruben adapted in bergepanzer. This machine was modified by withdrawal of the turret and the installation of 2 cm Drilling MG-151. This conversion was carried out by Erns Alber Oberscharfuhrer as Werkmeister (mechanic in chief) of Abteilung. This Drilling-T34 helped the units of the 286. Infantry-division and SS-Regiment FALKE in April 1945. These units fighteted in the south-west of Frankfort on Oder. The SS-JAGD-PANZER-ABTEILUNG 561 was the reserve armoured of 5th Korps SS of mountain which was equipped with 3 companies equipped with Jagdpanzer 38 (T) and Sturmgeschutze, of a company of maintenance, a section of infantry and a team of recognition.

(a certain information about this conversion it is possible to find in the publications "Tankette" No 25/1 and Modell-Fan No 9/92)