Unconfirmed and Hypothetical conversions

On this page the photographs of models and the pictures of the conversions of captured machines, which are not confirmed by photographs, are placed. Possibly the authors of models used the sources, which to the author of site were inaccessible. With obtaining of the photographs, which confirm existence of the machines, lined on this page, the photographs and pictures will be moved to the appropriate pages.

Sturmgeschutz III on T-34 (1943)

Published on the some magazine this picture represent photoshop work based on the early T-34 picture (specular reflection) give an example on the end of the page.

(Source unknown)

The field modification of a Stug III on T-34 chassis can be dated in this time. The upper structure probably came from a Stug III F8.

The vehicle was used to the north of Noworossik in September 1943.

(Source unknown)

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