Colour scheme

BT tanks

Bt-7 from antipartisan unit SS, 1943 or from RONA, Bielorussia, Autumn 1943.

(Picture from "Tanks BT". Part 3. Armada-horizontal)

BT-7, 1943/44

(Picture from "Steelmasters" magazine No 52)

A captured BT-7 probably of the police unit, Bielorussia, Summer 1942

(Picture from "Panzer Colours" Vol. III. Militaria No 69)

BT-7 from unidentified unit

("M-Hobby" No3/2007 (No79) magazine)

(Created by Alexandru Stratulat)

Germans captured BT-7 which was attached to 201 Sicherungs Division, Bielorussia, Summer 1943.

(Picture from "Panzer Colours"Wydawnictwo Militaria No 217 Tank Power Vol. VII)

BT-7 unknown Luftwaffe unit.

(Picture from Militaria XX Wieku wydanie specjalne No 1(41)/2015)