Survived trophy

Some germans captured tanks survive in the war flame and now exhibited in the different tanks museum


T-34 m. 1941/1942

Tank T-34 being a German trophy in Aberdin tank museum. The machine was captured US forces in 1945 in the france or Germany territory. Probably this tank was modified on the germans tank repair plant in the Riga.

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T-34 m.1941/42 from the Kubinka tank museum collection was captured by germans units in 1941 and moved to the Germany where was used for training purposes on some firing ground as mobile target on the railway flatcar. This tank been recaptured and used by Soviet Army in 1945 and later, in 199X moved to the Kubinka. After restoration this tank was exhibited in the tank museum collection.

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T-34 m.1941/42 from the Samur tank museum collection was captured by germans units in 1941 and moved to the Germany or France where was used for training purposes. After end war this tank be passed to the tank museum collection.

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T-34 m. 1942/1943

T-34 m.1942/43 tank shown in Kozara museum in Prijedor city, and received from Banja Luka city, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Note a bracket for Notek light on the frontal plate and spare tracks holder on the back hull side. Possibly this tank was belonged to 5 (verst) Pol.Pz.Ko. and fight on the Jugoslavia and Italy border. Later this tank come to some NOVJ units.

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In September 2000 a truly remarkable recovery took place near Johvi in north-eastern Estonia when a complete and practically intact Soviet T-34/76 tank was pulled from the bottom of a lake where it had lain for 56 years. The recovery was all the more extraordinary because the vehicle, on surfacing from the muddy water, turned out to be fitted with German crosses on its turret and hull. The T-34 was pulled out of Lake Kurtna Matasjarv (known as Konna-See on wartime Wehrmacht maps), a small pond deep in the woods and swamps some ten kilometres south-east of Johvi an area heavily fought over in September 1944.

T-34 m. 43, to earlier belonging 8 Estonian shooting corps, it was used as a trophy by 20-th division SS (Estonian). On other data the machine belonged Beute Panzer Kompanie 285 (300. Infanterie-Division z.b. V.). On the left side of a turret is present is to a floor a painted over inscription "For the Soviet Estonia " (Za sovietskuju Estoniju) , from below " Elagu noukogude Eesti eest ". A top of inscriptions the black-white cross is painted. On the left side an inscription painted over with a black paint "the Enemy will not leave" (Vrag ne ui'det)and German onboard number 1056, a cross is drawn more to the left of the center of a tower. The hatch gunner white painted, on a mask of a gun the put a cross. On the frontal reservation and on a rear plate crosses, on a rear of the tureet painted white number 1056.

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T-34/85 m. 1944

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Beutepanzer T-34/85 turret was found in Latvia, near Liepaja. On the territory where was placed Kurland pocket. Now turret exhibited in the Kurzeme Fortress Museum in Zante.

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KV-1 from the Samur tank museum collection was belong RONA. After end war this tank be passed to the tank museum collection.

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