Slovakian trophy

Two pictures on Soviet vehicles captured by the Slovak army. On the pictures is rearmed by MG 08 machinengun light tank BT-5 with mariupol plant turret used as a part of Improvised armoured train (Improvizovany pancierovy vlak - IPV) by Slovak Security Division (Zaistovacia divizia) on the railroad Pinsk - Gomel in 1942 - 1943.

(Picture from the book CINCMK, J. - DORANSKY, J.: Od Tatier po Azovsky more. Turc. Sv. Martin: MNO, 1943)

(Picture from Micianik Pavel private collection)

(Source unknown)

Slovak light tank LT-35 of armoured company 11 on Uktaine in summer 1941. On the left side of the picture seen Soviet Komsomolec artillery tractor. Slovak army captured at least 9 of these vehicles and used them for towing damaged Slovak light tanks.

(Picture from the Archives of the Museum of Slovak national Uprising in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia (Archiv Muzea Slovenskho narodnoho povstania Bansk└ Bystrica - AM SNP BB) )

Agricultural tractors CHTZ-15/30 repaired and used by the drivers of the Slovak Rappid division (Rychla div╠zia - RD)in October 1941 aroud town Pologi (Southern Ukraine) were used for towing of the Slovak trucks in Russian "rasputica".

(Picture from Slovak National Archives in Bratislava, Slovakia (Slovensky narodny archiv Bratislava - SNA BA) )

STZ-5 captured by the Rappid division in Mariupol port at the beginning of November 1941.

(Picture from SNA BA)

CATERPILLAR S-60 used by ingeneer company 2 (pionierska rota 2) of the RD is been moving through Don river in Rostov during FALL BLAU ofensive at the end of July 1942.

(Picture from AM SNP BB)