Armored trucks

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(Picture from "Panzer units in the operationszone Adriatisches Kustenland (OZAK) 1943-1945 and the panzer-sicherungs-kompanien in Italy" Stefano di Giusto)

1944, Summer. Another improvised armoured truck of the I./SS-Pol.Rgt. Bozen, based on an old Lancia RO with semi-pneumatic (hard rubber) tyres; this time the flatbed and the sides of the driver's cabin are armoured, but not the front. Note the symbol (unfortunately unclear) painted on the door.

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Probably it is a Bianchi "Mediolanum" (not a "Miles") used by the Kommando "Adria" (SS-Standarte “Kurt Eggers”) for propaganda purposes. Triest.

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Germans captured and armored "Studebaker" K25 probably from Ordnungspolizei unit.

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Pictures of Fiat 665 used by germans.

1943, Velika Gorica (Turopolje province), Croatia. Fiat 665NM Blindato used by Croatians.

(WW2 croatian newsreel)

(WW2 croatian newsreel)

Fiat 626NM Blindato from unidentified unit

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Italian armored truck on the french FIAT 665NM chassis. Slovenia, 1943.

(From book "Oklopne jedinice na jugoslovenskom ratistu 1941-45" Bojan Dimitrijevic and Dragan Savic)