M15/42 738(i) from Panzer-Abt.202

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1st April 1945: 18 M15/42 (+2), 1 M41, no M40, 8 Hetzer. Abteilung is engaged in north of Drava river.

Most of the tanks received from Skanderberg have been sent to workshop in Zagreb.

1945, May, Sentvid, Medvode near Ljubljana. Partisans captured a train with loaded vehicles belonged to Pz.Abt.202, the Abteilung retreated towards Austria in order to escape the Soviet troops and the Yugoslav partisans.

(Pictures 1-9 from the book "PANZERWRECKS 2")

M42 “314” shows the unusual balkenkreuz applied to the Pz.Abt.202 tanks.

M42 “312” without the stowage bin at the rear.

M42 “321” ad one of the Pz.II training vehicles.

This M42 is covered in extra links, they cover the driver’s viser too. Large amount of extra tracks is an insurance.

Sixth tanks loaded is a Jagdpanzer 38 hetzer.

Better view of the armoured vehicles on their flatcars and some of the guns on the adjoining train.

First M42 have a large cover over the driver’s roof periscope, a notek blackout lamp, brush guard fitted to the front and large swathe of track link across the nose.

Stug M41 mit 75/18 850(i) with stowage bin on the rear deck instead of a fuel tank. Pz.Abt. 202 receive 9 italian armoured vehicles when SS StuG Batterie Skanderberg was disbanded in 1945, among them were 2 vehicles of this type, one combat ready and the other in repair.

StuG M41 mit 75/18 850(i) with 2 M15/42 and 2 Pz.Kpfw II with fitted wood gas converters on the railway platforms

Turretless M14/41 tank probably from Pz.Abt. 202 used to train drivers

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