M15/42 738(i) from Panzer-Abt.202

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Abteilung was in Bosnia-Croatia area.

In  February 1944, the Panzer-Abt.202 started replacing captured French tanks with 67 M42. Engines were frost damaged, electrical systems were defective, canon and machineguns were rusted.

1st March 1944: 3 M15/42 operational in addition of French tanks.

1st April 1944: 4 M15/42 operational (+7 repairable within 3 three weeks), 8 somua S35, 16 Hotchkiss.


1944, Spring, Serbia. M15/42 738(i) from 2.Kompanie of Panzer-Abt.202 during an anti-partisan operation with 6th Cossack cavalry regiment Terek along the Belgrad-Zagreb railway line.

(Pictures 1-6 from "Les cosaques de Pannwitz" Francois de Lannoy)

This M15/42 738(i) is a radio tank, with german antenna base. Painted in sand yellow and green. The balkenkreuz is with thin with contours edged black. Probably n201.

M14/42 from Pz.Abt.202 got bogged down. Side of casemate is protected with track links.

Three M42 n213, 214, 222 from Pz.Abt.202. The fist one is immobilized in the mud and the other two are trying to recover it.

(Source unknown)

Germans M 15/42 from Pz.Abt. 202 run in mountan road.

(From "Italian Armour in German Service 1943–1945" by Daniele Guglielmi)

(From e-shop)

(From e-shop)

1st July 1944: 24 M15/42 operational (+8), 20 Hotchkiss, 4 S35 (+5)

1st August 1944: 30 M15/42 operational (+10), 2 Hotchkiss and 2 S35

1st September 1944: 36 M15/42 operational (+6), no French tanks.

Abteilung moved to Serbia. 2.Kompanie was sent into Romania and later in Hungary and employed there under various Kampfgruppen.

1st October 1944: 28 M15/42 (+9)

1st November 1944: 17 M15/42 (+13)

1st December 1944: 16 M15/42 (+6)

1st January 1945: 18 M15/42 (+5)

1st February 1945: 13 M15/42 (+8)

1st March 1945: Abteilung received 9 italian armoured vehicles when SS StuG Batterie Skanderberg was disbanded in 1945, 2 Stug M41 mit 75/18 and 7 M13/40.

It has received a 4.Kompanie previously from Pz.Abt.z.b.V.12, Abteilung didnt know the equipment

15 M15/42 (+5), 1 M41 and 5 M40 repairable in less than three weeks.

1945, March, Nagykanizsa, Hungary. A M15/42 from 2.Kompanie of Pz.Abt. 202 lies overturned.

  (Picture 7 from the book "PANZERWRECKS 7 ")