Semovente da M42 75/46 852(i)

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Really rare SP gun, total production was 11 completed. Seven between October and November 1944, one in December 1944, two in January 1945 and one in March 1945. The main problem was the lack of 75/46 guns.

Recaptured by Brazilian soldiers Semovente da 75/46. Caorso (Piacenza), 1 May 1945.

(From "Italian Armour in German Service 1943–1945" by Daniele Guglielmi)

1945, 25 April, Milan. Germans Semovente da 75/46  StuG M42 75/46 852(i) captured by partisans. Probably taken directly in Ansaldo Factory of Milan, like Lince and AB43.

(Picture from "Panzerwrecks" No13)

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