Semovente da M42 75/18 850(i)

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From Pz.Jg.Abt 171 of 71 Infanterie Division

History In December 1943, the 2.Kompanie also known as StuG Abteilung 1171 has 4 75/18 and 10 75/34. In the spring of 1944 the division moved in central Italy, south west of Cassino. During May-June retreat, division took severe losses and moved to Adriatic sector. On 8th July 1944, the only 3 available  M42 SP fought in Filottrano  and in Ancona.

Aquino, Italy, Captured M42 75/18 850(i) from Pz.jg.Abt 171 of 71 Infanterie-Div.

(Picture from "Panzerwrecks" No3)

1944, May, Ausonia (Frosinone province), Italy. French troops passed in front of abandoned M42 75/18 850(i) from Pz.jg.Abt 171.

(Picture from Life magazine archive)

(Picture from Life magazine archive)

Germans SPG from 71 Inf.Div abandoned during battle for Gustav line. SPG have a "Marga 3" ("Margarete") name.

(Picture from "Panzerwrecks" No13)

Germans Semovente Da 75/18 from 71 Inf.Div.

(Picture from "To the last bullet. Germany's war on 3 fronts. Part 2: Italy""Firefly collection" No 6 Claude Gillono, Dennis Oliver)

From Pz.Jg.Abt 278 of 278 Infanterie Division

History Formed in Italy in January 1944. The 2.Kompanie of Pz.Jg.Abt 278 received 12 M42 SP and 2 command tanks First and second platoon have four 75/34 SP each, and the third platoon have four 75/18 SP and HQ platoon have two M42 command tank. On 2 July, the four serviceable SP guns launched a counterattack near Filottrano, but were destroyed by polish tanks. On 20 August, only six M42 75/34 and one M42 75/8 were left.

(Source unknown)   1944, July, Osimo. An 42 75/18 o the 278 Inf-Division destroyed by Polish fire.

1944, July, Osimo. An 42 75/18 o the 278 Inf-Division destroyed by Polish fire.

(Picture from "Poligon" No1/2007)

(Picture from "Militaria" 192 "Polskie Shermany. Vol II")

  1944, 17 July, Ancona. M42 75/18 number 232 of 278 Inf-Division.

(From "Poligon" No2/2009)