Semovente da 105/25

StuG M43 mit 105/25 853 (i)

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105/25 abandonned by the retrating germans on the road between Finale Emilia and Ferrara.

(Pictures probably from "Panzer in Italy" by Guglielmi)

An initial production 105/25 sabotaged by its german crew.

(Picture from "Panzerwrecks" No13)

Da 105/25, Monte Cassino (?)

(Source unknown)

(From e-shop)

105/25 belonging to FJ-StuG-Brig XI

(From e-shop)

No less than eight 105/25, behind second 105/25 from the left, a P40.

(From e-shop)

(From e-shop)

(From "Trucks & Tanks" HS 8")