Autoblinda AS-37

S.37 250(i)


7. SS-Gebirgs-Division. Prinz Eugen


During September 1943, 7. SS-Gebirgs-Division Prinz Eugen captured to the Italian units in Dalmatia many vehicles, many A.S.-37, L3, L40 tanks and SP. In 1944, the division fought in Bosnia and Dalmatia against the partisan, since the end of September against soviets and Bulgarians. In early 1945, withdrew to Croatia and in April the division was in Slovenia.

(Pictures 1-2 from book Regenberger, Dr. Werner: Scheiben. Horst. Beutepanzer unterm Balkenkreuz.)

1944, Summer. Light armored car Fiat Autoprotetto A.S. 37 from 7. SS-Gebirgs-Division.

(Picture 3 Source unknown)

The division Commandant also used an armoured A.S.37.

(Picture 4 from ebay)

AS37 Protetto with additional upper armour.


14. (verst.) Pol.Pz.Kp

(Picture from "Panzer units in the operationszone Adriatisches Kustenland (OZAK) 1943-1945 and the panzer-sicherungs-kompanien in Italy" Stefano di Giusto)

1945, May, Ljubljana. On the right, AS 37 armoured light truck abandoned probably belonged to the 14. (verst.) Pol.Pz.Kp.


Unknown Unit

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A.S.37 with 47/32 gun.

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