AB-41 or Pz.Sp.Wg.AB 41 201(i)

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By Units

Heer Panzertruppen


1944, Autumn, Serbia. Bulgarian soldiers check out a Pz.Sp.Wg.AB 41 201(i) (probably) from Pz.Abt.z.b.V.12

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Aufklärungs-Abteilung (mot.)400

1944, February, Santuarino del Colle near Lenola (Latina). Two late production AB41 (probably) from Aufklärungs-Abteilung (mot.) 400 during a patrol.


71. Inf.Div

1943, September. юб 41 used by the 71. Inf.Div; note the camouflage and the drawing (a Disney-style dog head) on the headlight armoured cover.

100. Jäger-Division

1943-1944, Albania. AB-41 (probably) from 100.Jäger-Division, this armoured car was used by Pz.Jg.Abt.100 on anti-partisan operations. Marking on the rear could be a stylized oak leaf.

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