AB-41 or Pz.Sp.Wg.AB 41 201(i) from the I. Btl./SS-Pol.Rgt. Bozen

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During Summer 1944 the AB 41 of the I./SS-Pol.Rgt. Bozen received a Balkenkreuz on its hull front and a name ”Balilla”(the name used for kids in the fascist youth movement) painted over the driver's visor. On the left sleeve of the uniform of the NCO the symbol of the Deutsche Polizei (an eagle in an oval) and the Edelweiss of the mountain troops are visible.

(From "Das letzte jahr der waffen SS" Dorfler)

(Pictures 3-4-5-6 from Panzerfahrzeuge und Panzereinheiten der Ordnungspolizei 1936 - 1945. Werner Regenberg. Podzun-Pallas)

1944, Summer. Armored car AB-41 from Pol.Freiw.Rgt Bozen.

(From "Das letzte jahr der waffen SS" Dorfler )

(From "Das letzte jahr der waffen SS" Dorfler )