AB-41 or Pz.Sp.Wg.AB 41 201(i)

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France 1944, AB41 without turret.

(From e-shop)


  1945, May, Berlin.

(From Panzerwrecks)


1944, Slovakia or Hungary.

  (Picture from Bundesarchiv)


  1943, September. AB41 under new management.

(Picture from book Regenberger, Dr. Werner: Scheiben. Horst. Beutepanzer unterm Balkenkreuz.)


1943, September-October. AB41 used by a Luftwaffe unit.

  (Picture from Bundesarchiv)

1943, near Netuno.

  (Picture from Bundesarchiv)

 1944, near Rimini / Ancona .SdKfz. 10 / 4 and captured Italian Armored Autoblinda AB41

  (Picture from Bundesarchiv)

Italy, Two germans AB-41, one with name "Schääl"

(From Panzerwrecks)

Two germans AB-41 with names "Purzel" and "Winnetou".

(Picture from "Panzerwrecks" No9)