Fiat 626 NM and 665NM Scudato


665NM Scudato

A Fiat 665 NM Scudato. The vehicles has a rather elaborated camouflage of Olivgrun (Olivgrun and/or Rotbraun) sprayed in the Dunkelgelb base. 110 examples of this armoured truck had been produced for the Italian Regio Esercito in 1942-43 and were widely used by the Germans in the Balkans and Italy and, in small numbers, by RSI units.

FIAT 665 NM Scudato from antipartizan (probably police) unit.

  (From HPM 07/2009)


Fiat 626 NM

1944, Spring. Fiat 626 NM armoured truck of I./SS-Pol.Rgt. Bozen.

(From HPM 07/2009)