French tanks in germans units



Survived tanks

Heavy tanks


Panzerkampfwagen B1/B2 740(f) (Renault B1, B1bis and B2)

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7SS "Prinz Eugen" Page 1, Page 2

Panzerkampfwagen 3C 741(f) (FCM3C ?)

Medium tanks

Panzerkampfwagen D1 732(f) (Renault D1)

Panzerkampfwagen D2 733(f) (Renault D2)

Panzerkampfwagen 35S 739(f) (Somua S35)

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7SS "Prinz Eugen"

Befehlspanzer 35S 739(f)

Light tanks

Panzerspahwagen VM 701(f) (AMR-33)

Panzerspahwagen ZT 702(f) (AMR-35 ZT)

Panzerkampfwagen AMC 738(f) (AMC-35)

Panzerkampfwagen 17R/18R 730(f) (Renault FT 17/18 )

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Panzerkampfwagen 35R 731(f) (Renault R35)

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zBV 12

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4.7 cm Pak (t) (Sfl.) auf Fgst.Pz.Kpfw.35 R 731 (f)

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Panzerkampfwagen 35H 734(f) (Hotchkiss H35)

Panzerkampfwagen 38H 735(f) (Hotchkiss H38)

7SS "Prinz Eugen" Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4

Panzerkampfwagen 39H 735(f) (Hotchkiss H39)

Panzerkampfwagen 40R 736(f) (Renault R40)

Panzerkampfwagen FCM 737(f) (FCM 36)

Panzerkampfwagen 770(f) (Renault YS)


19,4cm Kanone GPF (f) in Sf. Schneider 485 (f)

Armored Cars

Panzerspahwagen Wh 201(f) (AMD White-Laffly AM29)

Panzerspahwagen Laf 202(f) (AMD Laffly AM80)

Panzerspahwagen 203(f) (AMD Panhard TOE)

Panzerspahwagen 204(f) (AMD Panhard 174/178)

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APX3B turret Page 1


UE 630(f) Schlepper

Lorraine 37L(f) Schlepper


Somua MCL S303 (f)

Somua MCG S307 (f)

Zugkraftwagen Unic TU1 U305(f)

Zugkraftwagen P302 U302(f)

Zugkraftwagen P107 U304(f)

Zugkraftwagen Ci/306(f) (Citroen P14)

Cars and Trucks